Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews


  • Adjustable tray for different cup sizes
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • The spoon acts as a filter to facilitate dosing.
  • Coffee intensity selector switch
  • Quiet


  • Weak coffee with a plastic taste, often reported
  • The filter is not good at keeping coffee grounds / sludge out of your cup
  • Sensitive to overflowing coffee
  • Coffee splashes if the cup is too far below the brewing head
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When shopping for a coffee maker, you may have wondered why there isn’t an automatic single-serving coffee maker that doesn’t use pods. I mean, it’s a pretty reasonable request, right? Fresh coffee. A cup. Fast, simple and automatic. In this day and age it is shocking to hear that few machines do all these things. Enter the Hamilton Beach Single Spoon Coffeemaker.

Of all the coffee makers I’ve reviewed here at The Coffee Concierge, this is the first single-serving automatic drip coffee maker that actually requires ground coffee and not pods/discs/pads.

I can already hear all the sighs of relief. In addition, the 900+ reviews on Amazon indicate that this is a coffee maker that certainly fills a great need. Or does it? Let’s find out!

The Review

The Hamilton Beach Single-Serving Coffeemaker is a stylish single-serving coffee maker with a stainless steel scoop that doubles as a dispenser and filter basket. Simply scoop out your coffee, place it directly into the machine and start brewing. From here, HB Scoop promises to deliver a hot cup of coffee in less than 2 minutes. It sounds too good to be true? Could be.

Please Note: While I am reviewing this top rated coffee maker, I have no experience with it. Instead, I’m summarizing all the most helpful reviews about this coffee maker on the web. I do my best to keep the reviews completely unbiased and make sure to include both the positives and negatives of every coffee maker I review. Visit the About page for more information…or feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Weak Coffee…Is There A Solution?

One of the most frequently mentioned problems with the HB Scoop is the inability to brew a good cup of coffee. Hundreds of reviewers have reported weak coffee and have therefore left the machine with a 1-star review. However (and this is BIG), there is a solution. Just by using the back of a spoon to pound the ground coffee into the spoon, your coffee will likely go from weak to delicious. Sure, it’s a design flaw that hot water can’t properly absorb coffee grounds without tamping it, but this is a solution that seems foolproof.

As Versatile As A Single Serve Brewer Gets

This coffee maker really stands out in the single-use market for its versatility. You can use any coffee you want, in any grind, with any coffee to water ratio. These are some of the main things that affect the taste of your coffee, folks. Another important component is the water temperature and the HB Scoop works in most reported cases. The SCAA recommends a water temperature of 195-205˚F, and most reviewers reported temperatures of 192-203˚F. Nothing bad. Especially when you compare it to the lukewarm results that are typical of Keurig machines.

Plastic-Tasting Coffee? Or Is There A Solution?

While there weren’t an overwhelming number of reviewers reporting plastic-flavored coffees, there were certainly enough to grab my attention. But there seems to be a workable solution, as long as you’re willing to take the risk if you get stuck with a device that produces this plastic taste. Basically you soak your filters/scoops in hot water for 15 minutes and then run 2 simulation cycles (no coffee) to clean everything. It seems that some have already given their approval to this solution. The question is: are you willing to take a chance?

The Ratings

I think there is a lot of information about the pros and cons. Now let’s get into the actual ratings.

The Price

At $59, this is almost a knockout in the single-serving automatic coffee maker market. You’ll spend $100 or more on one of Scoop’s competitors, so this is a great price.

Score: 4.5 stars

The Coffee Quality

It’s really hard to rate this category. We know that hundreds of people have reported weak coffee, but how many of those hundreds have tried the solution described above? I give this a rating of 3, but if you take the time to tamp your coffee and experiment with different grinds, you could get very close to 5 stars here.

Score: 3 stars

The Coffee Maker Quality

There aren’t many reports of broken or faulty appliances, but you have to wonder why Hamilton Beach didn’t design this coffee maker to address this weak coffee problem. I mean, how could they honestly have overlooked this in their testing?

Score: 3 stars

Ease Of Use

There are no problems here. Scoop out your coffee, put it in the slot of the brewing head… and you’re done.

Score: 5 stars

Cleaning Ease

It’s easy to take things apart and get where you want to when it comes to disposing of used coffee grounds and other potential gunk.

Score: 5 stars


Rest assured it will last longer than your Keurig. About 5 reviewers (out of 900) reported that their units stopped working after a few months. I like those numbers, but it’s probably still too new to know how durable this coffee maker really is.

Score: 4 stars


I think it looks very good. Lots of stainless steel. Compact. Big and handsome.

Score: 5 stars

Brew Speed

You’ll have coffee in 2 minutes. That is as soon as possible. Yet that seems suspiciously fast for the correct coffee extraction time.

Score: 5 stars


As I mentioned before, this is probably the most versatile coffee maker in its class. With single-serving coffee makers, you just can’t do everything you should. The HB Scoop challenges the status quo by eliminating the need to waste toads and cups of old coffee.

Rating: 4.5 stars

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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a single-serve coffee maker, the Hamilton Beach Scoop deserves a serious look. Aside from its flaws and quirks, it really stands out when compared to the competition. If you like quick settings, easy cleaning and operation, and a nice design, this is a great coffee maker.

For starters, if you don’t like grinding your coffee or don’t like ground coffee, this might not be right for you. It’s certainly not the best option for the best tasting coffee at home, but I think you’ll get very good results as long as you use the right grind and remember to tamp.

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